Université Rennes 2 – Laboratoire LAHM

Colloque international

“Pour ne pas tourner autour du pot ?”
Ceramics in “mixed” archaeological contexts
Questions of methodology, typology and terminology


Venue and date

University Rennes 2, on the 17th and 18th May 2013


Deadline for abstracts for call of paper

30th November 2012, acceptation in February 2013



     This meeting is organized with the aim to bring together young researchers around the issues associated with the excavation and study of ceramic materials, in particular in the “mixed” archaeological contexts. In fact, any young researcher who begins a typo-chronological study quickly faces many questionings, which are amplified and become more complex in the case of historical-archaeological contexts involving at least two different material cultures, especially when they cohabit, coexist, through ways that are already eagerly discussed in the current research. A certain number of these questionings arise repeatedly:

     Do we need a new classification pattern? Does the existing definition of the types match to the excavated archaeological realities; are these definitions too strongly tied to historical and literary fixed codifications? What terminology do we have to choose when we are faced with these “mixed” situations? Do the forms, functions and utilizations remain the same, if we are in a community then in another? Behind these questions, we also have to wonder about the ethnicity and/or cultural appartenance of the vase designers, painters, in short the craftspeople; and not forgetting the orderer and the receiver. All this questionings lead us to the wider question of the identity of these communities, that we know being “mixed”.

     This thematic, approached by concrete examples, is also to understand in terms of methodological reflection, and will lead to various communications topics. These communications will have to reflect the multidisciplinarity and the mental and chronological openness required for this type of reflection. The geographical scope will include continental and insular Europe, as well as the mediterranean basin, and the chronological scope will be limited to Protohistory and Antiquity.

     These days must be seen as an opportunity for young researchers to gather around a certain number of issues which are in the heart of current researches, so that everyone can discuss both the difficulties encountered and possible solutions.

     A discussion will follow each paper.


Audience we aim for in priority

Young researchers, PhD students, Postdoctoral (less than 3 years); Masters are also concerned with these conferences.


Scientific Committee

Mario Denti (Professeur d’Archéologie et d’Histoire de l’Art Antique, LAHM, Université Rennes 2)

Eric Gailledrat (Chargé de Recherche CNRS, UMR 5140, Lattes)

Jean-Christophe Sourisseau (Maître de conférences en Archéologie et Histoire de l'Art Antique, UMR7299, Université d'Aix-Marseille)

Douwe Yntema (Professeur d’Archéologie méditerranéenne, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

You can send your abstracts and any questions to:


The abstract will be 250 words maximum. Join a curriculum vitae. Abstracts will be dealt by the Scientific Committee. Abstracts may be written in English, French or Italian. Contributions will be held as much as possible in French, or if not, in English or Italian.


Duration for communications

20-30 minutes, with subsequent 10-15 minutes discussion.


Details will follow later with the programme. We are pleased to invite all interested researchers to these conferences.


Download call of paper : call_for_paper_def_eng


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